Data Nerd

I love data. As a motivational tool, as a revision tool, I just love having data to help me make decisions. From a fitness perspective, i love having a way to see the sometime teeny tiny achievements that are hard to spot on a day to day basis: knocking 5-10 seconds off my running pace, one more lap added to swimming, 5 more sit ups. I always seem to wonder “was that a fluke?” and then forget to pat myself on the back for these achievements.

My wonderful running watch (I use the Nike+ Sportswatch with GPS) provides a good set of data but is limited to my running. So, I recently got a Fitbit One!  Mr. has one and loves it so I figured why not!? It clips discretely on my bra since often my work wear doesn’t have pockets and it tracks steps, flights of stairs, overall activity level, and sleep.  Additional tracking measures are available on the website for the Fitbit so I have synced it up with my My Fitness Pal account for food tracking.

Today is only my second day gathering the data, but I did well on my first day. 12000+ steps, 5.5 miles, 6 hours of sleep.  I can’t wait to have gobs of stuff tracked!

What helps keep you motivated to stay on task with goals?


One Comment on “Data Nerd”

  1. Anna says:

    You’ve rubbed off on me because I love my Garmin with all my heart. Also, I passed your Mr. yesterday on my run! But to answer your question, blogging has kept me quite honest over the last many months (as well as reading running blogs), and signing up for fun races. Have you read “The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Running” yet? I think you will like that one!

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