You know what I haven’t talked about in a while????


Mr. and I have been talking about and thinking about getting a dog for the last three+ years.  It kept not being the right time…grad school, time consuming (soul sucking?) job, etc. Frankly, it still isn’t but we both feel the pull even stronger these days and have decided that for our next apartment/housing situation being able to get a dog is a non-negotiable. We are finally at a place where we have the time, energy, and ability to get a pup dog, train it, love it, and be good owners.

We aren’t actually in need of a puppy puppy, and will be happy rescue owners. I’ve been eyeing all sorts of loves at the Whatcom Human Society and N.O.A.H (a no-kill shelter not too far from our house). We have resisted actually going to these places since I fear I will find a dog I love and cannot bear to live without but won’t be able to take home yet; I only trust myself with internet browser window shopping.

Me when internet browsing for rescue dogs

 So, we are counting the days until August 1 when we can move into a new place and get a pup dog. I die a little inside everyday that I don’t have one. I’d love a dog who can run a few miles with me. I know it’ll take some training, but having a companion would be just delightful. I guess I should read up on how to train your dog to run with you. Any tips from dog-owning runners out there?


2 Comments on “Dog-gonit”

  1. sanseilife says:

    you sound like you are both going to be great dog owners. check with your local pet store (Pet Smart, Petco) they often have dog training classes for pretty reasonable fees. Thats where I start all my guys. Good luck and have fun!

    • R B says:

      Aww thanks! Mr. has owned plenty of dogs before but this will be my first! I can’t wait! Thanks for the suggestion – I’ll check out the local places for training.

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