April Recap

Not my busiest running month, but because it was so busy in other ways, I am proud to have stuck to my goal and another month is in the books.


1/4 of the way through my yearly goals and I am feeling accomplished, motivated, healthy, and determined. The month blew by. There were birthday celebrations, visits from out-of-town friends, a beer festival, two comedy shows, a trip to Vancouver, bike rides in sunshine, and 3 races (including an over-nighter). With all this going on, my training runs were fairly consistent. I did find myself feeling pressed for time at the end of the month and I had to get a little creative to stay on top of my mileage, but there is it!Capture

In April my kicks covered 31.7 miles and three(!) 5k races.

Thanks to a dear friend, I’ve added some tracking bars to my blog to help you (and me!) keep track of where I am on the yearly goals. They aren’t real-time so won’t be updated with each and every run, but I will keep them updated weekly or so.

May is month #5… How are you doing on tracking and achieving your running goals for this year?


One Comment on “April Recap”

  1. Anna says:

    nom nom thanks for cookies.

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