Bellingham Bay 10k – September Race

Ok, I’m catching up here so bear with me through the following deluge!

2015-09-26 19.18.12

In September I ran the Bellingham Bay 10k. For the last several years, this race  has offered a full marathon, half marathon, and 5k, but no 10k. I’ve run the half and the 5k and was excited that they returned to offering the 10k. I knew early on in the year that I wanted to complete the 10k – even though it isn’t my favorite race distance.

bham bay

The race went great – not a PR but I kept up a good pace and felt terrific throughout. It was a perfect day – sunny and mild temps. After this race, I felt a bit more endeared toward the 10k distance.. but just a bit!


One Comment on “Bellingham Bay 10k – September Race”

  1. Anna says:

    This deluge was the best surprise ever!

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