Everyday Super Heros 5K – October Race

I busted my left ankle (the only real good one I had left, if you’re following my injury history) falling down some stairs on September 29th which was a major bummer. (It was also the least of the bummers in my life that day but that story is for another time…)

On October 10th, after taking about a week off of running to nurse my ankle, I ran the Everyday Super Heros 5k with my best running buddy, MT. It was a small crowd so we decided to start near the front of the pack rather than navigate strollers and dogs and children. This turned out to be a great strategy for me. While I certainly didn’t have negative splits on the race, my quick start pace set me up for a 5k PR of 35:18 (ok, it was seconds longer than my Whidbey race, but this race was all trails and hilly  rather than flat and pavement, so I count it).

MT’s amazing little one even ran across the finish line holding my hand. It was a good race.

Everyday Super Heros


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