These are the newest member of my training team – Brooks Ghost 6! Now if I could just find the time between the new job and the moving to get my buns out for a run in them!  Tonight for sure – no excuses and rain be dammed. 20130815-070731.jpg

Aren’t they gorgeous!!?  I’ve been running on Brooks Glycerine 10s since January and after my long run two weeks ago I just knew they were shot.  The bounce was gone, they felt flat and heavy. I put about 250 miles on those shoes and they are tired and spent.  I went to get new shoes and needed to special order these because they are an 11.5.  Oh, huge feet, why do you do me like that?! I was tempted to just buy the 11s that were at the store and not have to wait 4 days, but I’m so glad I was patient.  I got to do a farewell run on my Glycerines with my running buddy, MT, last weekend. The 8 miles seemed like a fitting send off and I’m ready to lace up and head out with my cushy, wonderful Ghosts! Gotta break them in before the half in September!