New Adventures Ahead

I’ve been on the job hunt since last summer when I was finishing up my MEd in Student Affairs Administration..  My diligence about constantly applying places has come and gone but essentially I’ve been continuously looking for a year now. I’ve rewritten cover letters and resumes time and time again. I’ve had interviews both on the phone and in-person. I’ve swallowed my pride and called to ask why I wasn’t offered jobs and what I can do to improve only to hear I was their finest interview and it just boiled down to not having a PhD or experience doing this exact task for that exact office.

When asked me about the job search I simultaneously wanted to hug people and say thank you for your empathy and interest, and then reenact this scene from a TV show I love, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia:

Well, it is with great pleasure that I announce I have accepted a new position that is going to bring lots of new adventures to Mr. and I.  I have accepted a position as a Resident Director (RD), which, for you non-student affairs folks, means I’ll be supervising a staff of student Resident Assistants and managing one of the largest halls on our campus containing approximately 600 students. I was a Resident Assistant when I was in college and  I’ll be returning to the exact dorm that began my path to a career in student affairs.  Both Mr. and I are very excited.

We’ll live in the hall in a 1bdrm RD apartment in the dorm and we are in for all sorts of dorm living shenanigans.   We will have to down size quite a bit as we are currently living (filling) a three bedroom house. I’m definitely the pack-rat in this family so I’ll have a much harder time eliminating excess than Mr. will.  His inclination is to toss all belonging sans a few pieces of clothing every 6 months.  One of the many ways we balance each other  so well.

This new job will provide me with all the professional development and growth I was looking for in addition to guaranteeing I’ll have some pretty interesting stories to tell the rest of my life. Needless to say, the next several weeks will be very busy as I end my current position, start a new position, and host garage sales, pack, and move, but I’ll be around and so excited for all the changes ahead!