Cornmeal Chive & Cheddar Waffles


*Insert drooling noises here*

Delicious dinner brought to our home by The Bright Eyed Baker.

I used a yogurt/milk combo instead of buttermilk and double the amount of chives.  They are pretty dense but so flavorful. We ate them with a dollop of sour cream, guac, and salsa on top.

The recipe made 4 Belgian waffles. I added some canned black beans to the third and fourth ones which we’ll eat as leftovers tomorrow.

I’m so full of joy and food right now.


I can’t help it, eating is my hobby

I’ve made a few awesome things over the last months that I want to share.  In no particular order, here are some kitchen hits:

“Carrot” Cupcakes

carrot cakes

For Mr.’s birthday, I made cupcakes! Mind you, he did not ask me to make them – he doesn’t much enjoy sweets (weirdo). I saw a picture and decided to get Pinterst-y. Also, it was near Easter and my mom’s birthday and I hadn’t busted out my new cupcake making kit from my Reddit Secret Santa. It was had a blast making these “carrot” cake cupcakes. In typical fashion, I loved the idea but then got bored/impatient on the execution. Oh well, they turned our adorable and they tasted great.

Apple Peach Pie


For Pi Day (3.14), I couldn’t resist making a pie. Apple peach to be exact. After seeing a billion pies at the grocery store and almost buying one, I had a hankering and wanted something homemade. This whole process was last-minute and peaches are not in season but canned peaches worked perfectly. As I often do, I cut the sugar – I believe this gives me full permission to eat pie for breakfast. I did and it was delish.



I like falafel but don’t eat it terribly often. When I have in the past, I used a package mix for the falafel and it is always fine. This time I decided to whip up my own in the food processor and it was totally worth it. I didn’t use a single recipe so I can’t link you anything, but rather I looked at a bunch of different recipes and improvised base on what I had in the fridge/cupboard. Two things I did that I believe made these terrific is that #1: I doubled the amount of cilantro/parsley of almost any recipe I found. And, b) I used 1/2 chickpeas 1/2 lentils. I went with patties instead of balls since I don’t deep fry and this makes them more evenly cooked. I pan fried them to get them brown then baked them till heated through.

Irish Soda Bread

soda bread1


I can’t let St. Patrick’s Day pass without some Irish soda bread. Growing up on the south side of Chicago in a severely Irish neighborhood, soda bread is a staple. I remember making it as a group/class project in elementary school every year. Nowadays, if left to my own devices, I would eat this whole loaf alone. To prevent just such an occurrence, I instead brought it to work and fed others. Several coworkers had never eaten Irish soda bread, so it was fun to share this classic.

Last night, I made mini chocolate chunk cookies. I’ll post about those later…. Until then, Vivian Vance as Ethel Mertz said it best:


Recipes That Add Up

I am often looking for cooking shortcuts. Sometimes I do love to sit down with a Cooks Illustrated three page article and recipe and follow every little scientific step in order to get the best results. But, on weeknights, when I get home from work tired and want to make time for a run also, I want to maximize efficiency and flavor while minimizing the need for brain power.

For the last few months I’ve been using Cook Smarts to help me in that quest. They do such a great job of reusing ingredients or sauces in the next day or two’s meals that is has made me sorta obsessed. Fish for dinner? Make a lemon yogurt sauce to go with it and use the remainder for tomorrow night’s gyros. Had to buy a bag of carrots for a carrot side on Tuesday, use the rest of the bag on Thursday to make carrot soup. I know this isn’t rocket science… I’m not blowing anyone’s mind here, but I am admitting it is not how I’ve always thought about meal planning and I even when I have, I certainly haven’t been great about practicing it.

These days I’m trying to practice it more. More planning leads to less stress, fewer “what do you want? I dunno what do you want” conversions with Mr., more thoughtful balanced meals, and even saves a buck or two of the grocery store. All for the low low price of some weekend time for planning.

What tips or tricks do you have for meal planning, using up ingredients before they spoil, etc? Care to help a human out?