November Recap

November was a good month for my running. 47.1 miles and a drop in my average pace. As you can see from the details below, I didn’t run the first week of November. My motivation was nil, my energy and health were poor… but, I pulled out of the funk and hit it hard the last couple weeks.I was inspired by MT’s goal to run 3mi/day and I just tried to lace up and get out as often as possible.


November brought my yearly mileage total to 347.9. As soon as it was clear my goal of 365 was a goner, I set the new goal of making it to 400 miles! My race total came to 14 with the Fowl Fun Run.


June Recap

June began with nasty illness and the end of the academic year. This meant no time to take sick days from work combined with feeling miserable and just wanting to sleep.  Every morning when my alarm clock when off I was irate:

What started off as a rough cold turned into sinus infection and bronchitis. Needless to say, with that much chest congestion, breathing issues, and energy sapped, I was not a running machine. When I get sick like that it sinks my spirits and I get frustrated beyond belief that I cannot be doing the things I want to be doing. When I picked back up my running mid-month, I was still trying to take it a little easy on myself. I got in the June race – Camano Island Crab Dash 5k, and finished the month with 24.5 miles.  Respectable considering the circumstances.


June Mileage: 24.5
Year-to-date Mileage: 182

March Recap

I survived March.  I am thoroughly enjoying the beginnings of spring as they sprout and tweet and cheer me along my runs.

I kept up my mileage this month and again (similar to Feb) I saw some uptick in my pace as well.  I hesitate to call the change in my pace an “improvement”.  Maybe it is just semantics but my goals are situated in consistency and health and I try to refrain from judging my own, or other people’s, pace.  We move at the speed our bodies can and want to move. I choose to focus on celebrating the movement. That being said, I’d be lying if I didn’t feel proud and pleased to see a few training PRs fall this month. I see this change in my pace as an expression of my health and strength and stamina and I am happy about that.

Anyway, back to my March stats:

I ran 36.7 miles in 31 days. I started running two-a-days on Tuesdays (get it?…I’m not clever…) which were hard but gave me some push and felt really great. I love the idea of being a morning runner so this gives me a taste of that world. A short run in the morning followed by an afternoon 5k. Delightful.


Yearly Totals:

If you’re following along with my 2015 goals here are some important stats (Jan 1 – Mar 31):

  • 105.7 Miles in 90 days
  • 41 runs completed
  • Avg run length – 2.5 miles
  • Averaging 3 runs/week
  • Three 5k races completed – 1/month

I gotta find some way to put these stats into widgets on my side bar…

February Re-Cap (in mid-March…)

February was a terrific month. You wanna know why?

For the last fully dark month I managed to get out a few times a week and kept positive by thinking “soon…”.  I was counting the days until day light savings arrived and gave me enough sustained evening light to be able to run without the headlamp after work. In these last dark nights (till fall), I listened for the sounds of spring and strained to see new shoots of crocuses and daffodils in the waning light.

In total, I ran 32 miles in 29 days and saw my overall pace quicken by almost 40sec/mile. While I am not specifically working hard on speed, it was nice to see an uptick and it certainly helps my motivation.

My runs were more sporadic and less routine the January, but that is OK. February was very busy with each weekend packed including some travel and visits from out of town friends. I began in my 33rd year on this planet (I turned 32) and got out for a morning birthday run which was a fantastic way to start my day/year. I left my headphones at home for that run and spent the time thinking about the people I love and who love me, how fortunate I am to have this wonderful body which does so much for me, how my life is better than I ever imagined when I was a teenager – or even in college, and more.

I simultaneously work so hard at/for the good things in my life but am also incredibly fortunate to have more than I ever expected (more love, more fun, more laughter, more space in my heart, more delicious food, more warm showers, more more more).