Cold Showers

I love cold showers.  Not freezing  cold, but quite chilly and brisk. I know that might make some of you cringe, but it is so refreshing – especially after coming home from a warm, humid, sticky, sweaty summer run.  In general, I like to shower and I like cooler rather than hot hot showers (although sometimes hot feels SO good).  I often shower twice a day just because. Getting into bed all clean makes me sleep better and helps me wash away the day’s worries and frustrations.  Combine that clean and renewed feeling with having just gone for a run and I am pretty much superwoman.

I went for a quick run yesterday and it was a steamy warm day.  It had rained through the morning and the afternoon warmth turned it in to a bit of a humid mess here in the evening.  Despite that, and perhaps with the motivation of escaping the banging above me from the roof repairs being done, I laced up and set out.  It was a short run day so I pushed myself to run just a little faster and I was happy with my effort afterward.

My ankle has been feeling a bit better so I even did this short jog without my ankle brace.  As it heels I’m giving it little tests here and there, but my longer runs and in races I’m still wearing the brace for good measure.  The bruising is gone but it is still a bit swollen (it’s been 11 weeks for those of you counting along with me) and there are some movements where I cringe and remember that it is not at full strength.  My patience is wearing thin, but my desire to be healthy and back at 100% is strong so I’ve been mostly behaving and taking good care of it!

Oh yea! I almost forgot! I was in Alaska last week! I’ll post about it later, but here is a preview for you to feast you eyes on: IMG_1967[1]


Flash Back Count Down

My sister sent me the most joyous email this afternoon.  It included this gem of a video and made a gigantic smile break out on my face. Please Don’t Go Girl has always been one of my top five New Kids on the Block songs. I grew up loving NKOTB and still do. My sister and I are somewhat obsessed still (she more than I). I am counting the days till we get to see them in concert for the fourth time in the last 5 years. July 9th we get to see NKOTB perform after enjoying the Boyz II Men set and tolerating the 98 Degrees set. 28 Days.

And, before that wonderful event, I get to fly to Alaska for a friend’s wedding, visit the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown NY, and see my dear dear siblings and father and nephew! The next 28 days are going to be wild!

EDIT: Can we also talk about how several of the NKOTB appear to be in love with the same girl yet none of them take any issue with that?  Oh music videos from the late 80s! The lip-syncing is TERRIBLE (sorry Joey!), but their dance moves are smooth as buttah. They truly have just gotten better over the years.  Take a look at them now: Remix (I like the) – NKOTB