December Recap

A powerful month. Having reached many goals before December, I decided to raise the bars to challenge myself further. I was within 20 miles of my original goal of 365 miles in 2015 so set a new goal to reach 400 miles.

Inspired by the streaking success of MT, I just tried to get out as often as possible and run (usually at least 3 miles). I spent 10 days in the midwest for the holidays and got out for several delightful runs on both familiar and new streets and trails. I reached 400 miles by Christmas Eve and didn’t bother looking back.


I looked at my totals on Dec 30th after my run and realized I could make it to 75 miles in the month of December if I ran 7.5 miles on New Years Eve. The whole thing felt auspicious and I couldn’t resist. The run was long and cold but was so amazing. At certain parts I focused so intently on my feet and my breathing the world seemed to melt away. At other parts I reflected and thought about my year and my future and barely noticed as the sidewalk moved under me.  75 miles in a month is most certainly a record for me, and one that gives me obscene amounts of courage and inspiration.

2016 is going to be remarkable. I can feel it.


November Recap

November was a good month for my running. 47.1 miles and a drop in my average pace. As you can see from the details below, I didn’t run the first week of November. My motivation was nil, my energy and health were poor… but, I pulled out of the funk and hit it hard the last couple weeks.I was inspired by MT’s goal to run 3mi/day and I just tried to lace up and get out as often as possible.


November brought my yearly mileage total to 347.9. As soon as it was clear my goal of 365 was a goner, I set the new goal of making it to 400 miles! My race total came to 14 with the Fowl Fun Run.

Bellingham Bay 10k – September Race

Ok, I’m catching up here so bear with me through the following deluge!

2015-09-26 19.18.12

In September I ran the Bellingham Bay 10k. For the last several years, this race  has offered a full marathon, half marathon, and 5k, but no 10k. I’ve run the half and the 5k and was excited that they returned to offering the 10k. I knew early on in the year that I wanted to complete the 10k – even though it isn’t my favorite race distance.

bham bay

The race went great – not a PR but I kept up a good pace and felt terrific throughout. It was a perfect day – sunny and mild temps. After this race, I felt a bit more endeared toward the 10k distance.. but just a bit!

September & October Recaps

September was spent prepping for the a 10k race on Sept 27th. I enjoyed the last vestiges of summer and evenings without headlamps. I returned to work which didn’t slow down my running and I had a terrific race to cap the month. I added another 38.6 miles bringing my yearly total to 272.6, and completed my only 2015 race longer than a 5k.


October had a slow start and my consistency wasn’t as good over all, but I got out for 11 runs. I have been working through some pretty bummer life circumstances and it made it difficult to find the energy or drive get out the door. My race for the month was the Everyday Super Heros 5k and achieved a 5k race PR! Despite my low emotional and physical energy I was still able to squeeze in 28.2 miles to make for 300.8 miles total in 2015! October

June Race – Camano Crab Dash 5k

Last weekend I ran the Camano Island Crab Dash 5k! It was a beautiful hilly run with a great crowd. There were less crab costumes and hats than anticipated, but the runners were kind and encouraging. Locals came to the road to cheer folks on, and the race organizers did a fantastic job of course marking, water stations, and support after the race. This was a local gem I will most certainly do again!

The ever-inspiring MT did the 10k and tackled a nasty hill at mile 4-5 – called King Crab Hill. I was not sad that the 5k didn’t head that direction. We had some nice ups and downs but nothing traumatic. Here we enjoying the pre-race shade.

Crab Cakes

The race shirts are so good: a cartoon crab with a different brand of running shoe on each leg. Adorable. Post-race and feeling accomplished, we changed out of sweaty gear for the ride home.

get crabs

We stopped at Salt & Thistle Provisions in Stanwood to celebrate their grand opening where we met the Stanwood mayor, grabbed some presents for our families, enjoyed delicious coffee, and split the best carrot cupcake I’ve ever had. We also couldn’t resist taking home some cinnamon rolls right from the oven. What a fabulous June race!

May Recap

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. I’ll come right out and say it: I did not make my monthly goal in May. But but but… as you’ll recall, I’ve banked up some extra miles over the last few months so I am still on track for my goal. I got very close but illness and house guests and the end of the academic year all came barreling down on me in the last week of the month.

I was so bummed out by the last two weeks of May I couldn’t get it together to to my May recap. All I have to say to May is:

In total I logged 29.1 miles in May and ran one 5k – the Haggen to Haggen.


I was still super sick with the death cold until mid-June, but after some antibiotics and the end of the academic year I was able to get some rest and I’m back at my running now. I certainly have some lost mileage to make up for in the next few weeks but thankfully the weather has been perfect and I am feeling motivated.

April Recap

Not my busiest running month, but because it was so busy in other ways, I am proud to have stuck to my goal and another month is in the books.


1/4 of the way through my yearly goals and I am feeling accomplished, motivated, healthy, and determined. The month blew by. There were birthday celebrations, visits from out-of-town friends, a beer festival, two comedy shows, a trip to Vancouver, bike rides in sunshine, and 3 races (including an over-nighter). With all this going on, my training runs were fairly consistent. I did find myself feeling pressed for time at the end of the month and I had to get a little creative to stay on top of my mileage, but there is it!Capture

In April my kicks covered 31.7 miles and three(!) 5k races.

Thanks to a dear friend, I’ve added some tracking bars to my blog to help you (and me!) keep track of where I am on the yearly goals. They aren’t real-time so won’t be updated with each and every run, but I will keep them updated weekly or so.

May is month #5… How are you doing on tracking and achieving your running goals for this year?