Running O The Green

Sorry this post is out of order, but I forgot to post about my March race! I ran the Running ‘O The Green 5k with my pals. MT and I busted out our tutus from a few years ago and I made two new tutus matching them as close as I could to the older ones.  Mr. didn’t get his own but I don’t think he was too disappointed.


Pre-race blustery huddle

The weather was rainy and blustery – everything you expect from a March day in the Pacific Northwest. MT and Mr. ran the 8K while the other three of us stuck to the 5k.  It was a very populated race and it was a reminder of how spoiled I am to live in an area where I’m able to participate in so many small races. I am typically in the last 10th of finishers at these smaller races and while sometimes that affects my mental pep-talks (“there probably won’t even be anything good left at the trough” or “I feel like everyone is waiting on me!”) I usually have lots of breathing room and don’t have to think much about navigating other runners. We got stuck playing leap-frog with a runner wearing entirely too much patchouli which was unpleasant to say the least (btw, “any” is the amount of patchouli that should be considered too much, if you are wondering).

Running O The Green

Post Race Fun