Year Recaps


2015 – The Matryoshka Year

2015-07-21 09.38.25

Sweaty, sunny summer run in Iowa 2015


  1. The Year of the 5K
  2. Twelve 5k races
  3. 365 miles

Possible Races:

Completed Races:

  1. 01/17/2015    Nookachamps 5k – A very popular run in Skagit Valley.  A great course with some sloping hills and a mix of road/trail running.  Despite being rainy, it was delightful!
  2. 02/14/2015     Two for the Road 5k – a GBRC race through Whatcom Falls park.  Hills and some mud but over all a nice race.
  3. 03/14/2015     Running O the Green 5k – Bellingham fun! Lots of people dressed up and St. Patrick’s Day.
  4. 04/04/2015    Honeywagon Run 4mi – A GBRC race. A big square through the county past many churches and through the stench of manure. Flat and fast.
  5. 04/18/2015     Fun with the Fuzz 5k – 3rd year in a row. A beautiful day running the roads of my daily training runs. Pleasant and fun to run with awesome friends.
  6. 04/19/2015     Whidbey Island 5k – A massive PR at 35:12. A triumphant return to Whidbey and a kick in the pants to keep up my training.
  7. 05/01/2015     Haggen to Haggen 5k – A strong race for me, but a bummer in general.
  8. 06/27/2015     Camano Crab Dash 5k  – Great local hilly race on Camano Island. First time I’ve been there and guaranteed I’ll go back!
  9. 07/12/2015     Boondocks Breakaway 5k – Anchorage AK – A hilly hungover race with Mr.
  10. 07/18/2015     Solon Beef Days 5k – Solon, IA – A run with my sister through the steamy humid Iowa summer.
  11. 09/05/2015     Padden Relay – Relay race with 3 teammates. Each covered one loop around Lake Padden. Fun and a little scary!
  12. 09/27/2015     Bellingham Bay 10k – First non-5k race this year. Perfect day.
  13. 10/10/2015     Everyday Super Heros 5k – PR (basically) at 35:18. Local hilly train race.
  14. 11/14/2015     Fowl Fun Run 5k – PR at 34:24. Terrible weather but a focused run.
  15. 12/5/2015     Skagit Valley Jingle Bell Run 5k – Another massive PR! 31:26.

RECAP 2015: It was a strong, but difficult year.  I met my running goals handily and even had to adjust to continue to challenge myself through the end of the year. I saw several PRs and focused on short, frequent runs. This seems to have paid off in terms of my overall stamina, strength, and confidence. I ran 15 races and laced up in 5 different states.


Goal: Survive 2014 and get some races in.  


Cool, beautiful Poplar Run, Oregon 2014

Completed Races:

  1. 04/20/14     Fun with the Fuzz 5k – Started gentle runs again with two lady friends and ran this race with a newly recruited running friend.  She hates running and loves yoga, but she rocked this 5k with me!
  2. 06/26/14      Old Settlers 5k – Ran wearing aprons in order to go with the Pioneer Days theme.  Mostly we just got funny looks.  Not the greatest race set up, and I won’t likely do this race again, but we had a good time.   
  3. 09/13/14       Fairhaven Waterfront 15k – First 15k. An interesting distance – the beginning and middle fun bits of a half, but also the dull 7-9th miles without the fun last 5k push/exhilaration. Pretty route.
  4. 09/28/14      Bellingham Bay Half Marathon – Trained really well for part of the summer then lost steam. Still, PR 2:58
  5. 10/25/14      A Very Poplar Run 5k – Originally signed up for the 15k but hurt my foot at the BHam Half so I backed off.  GORGEOUS race – the most beautiful I’ve ever run.  Well worth the drive & travel.
  6. 11/08/14      Fowl Fun Run 5k – A flat race on a sunny day with terrific gal pals.  Who could ask for more?
  7. 12/06/14      Skagit Valley Jingle Bell Run 5k – Ho Ho Ho shirts, bobble head snowmen headbands, and two terrific ladies made this a super fun run.

RECAP 2014: While the first half of the year was difficult, the second half was filled with friends and regular running.  My running confidence was severely shaken after two bad ankle twists in 2013 and it took mental toughness to lace back up and not get to mired down in how much skill and training I’d let slip.  The year ended with such wonderful renewed running energy – not to mention more clam and happiness in my personal and professional lives. I ran 7 races including my first 15k and my first Bellingham Bay Half.


Goal: 13 races, at least one of which is 13.1 miles, in 2013

Possible Races:


Chilly winter run Bellingham 2013

  • 06/15/13 – Berry Diary Days 10K, Burlington, WA DONE!
  • 06/29/13 – Whatcom Literacy 5K, B’ham, WA  DONE!
  • 07/13/13 – Summer Spirit Race 5/10/15K, Seattle, WA 
  • 07/20/13 – Summerfest Road Race 10K, Vancouver, BC
  • 08/24/13 – Seattle Marathon 10K, Seattle, WA 
  • 09/29/13 – Bellingham Bay Half Marathon, B’ham, WA
  • 10/27/13 – Seawall Race 9.5K, Vancouver, BC
  • 11/23/13 – GBRC Turkey Trot 5k, B’ham, WA
  • 12/01/13 – Seattle Half Marathon, Seattle, WA DONE!

Completed Races:

  1. 03/02/13    Run for the Honeywagon 4Mi – A great flat run but the wind and smell of cow patties made it a little less pleasant.
  2. 03/16/13     Running O the Green 5k – Ran in a matching tutus with my best running buddy MT and had lots of fun!
  3. 04/14/13     Whidbey Island Half Marathon – PR 2hr 56mins. My very first half! I ran it with a badly sprained ankle that I’d twisted 6 days before the race. I was just happy to be able to run and finish!
  4. 04/20/13     Fun with the Fuzz 5k – Only one week after the Whidbey half and still running on a sprained ankle. It was a fun run, but I was sluggish for sure.
  5. 05/04/13     Haggen to Haggen 5k – PR 37:56. Ankle still bothering me causing me to walk some of the race but so much downhill helped me make up that tim
  6. 06/15/13      Berry Diary Days 2mi – My long run for the week was 3 mi so I just kept running after the finish line and added another 1.1.  PR 5k 37:08.
  7. 06/29/13     Whatcom Literacy Council 5K – Revisiting my very first 5k 1 year ago! 39:36 (Gun time. No chip timing) a bit faster than 2012(39:58) but I wasn’t trying to run fast knowing that I wanted to run an extra mile to make it 4mi for the day.
  8. 07/27/13     Anacortes Art Dash 10K – Added .8 mile beforehand to equal 7 miles total. 10K PR 1:16. It was warm and sunny and despite the chemically smells in the air it was a great race.
  9. 12/01/13      Seattle Half Marathon – After months of physical therapy and not enough training, I completed this race with my dearest running buddy.  I finished.. nothing more to say.

RECAP of 2013: I completed 9 races in 2013.  I suffered a badly sprained ankle in April 2013 and after making my way back from that injury re-sprained it on the day of the Bellingham Half in 09/2013.  Months of physical therapy ensued.  An incredibly time consuming job also enveloped my life in the later months of 2013 which made it difficult to complete my goal.  Still, 9 races beat my 2012 record of 8 races AND I completed not one, but two half marathons.


  • Whatcom Literacy Council 5K ~ June
  • Muds to Suds 5k Obstacle Race ~ August
  • Bellingham Bay 5K ~ September
  • Race for the End DVSAS 5K ~ October
  • Skagit Valley Fowl Fun Run 10K ~ October
  • Fairhaven Frosty 5K ~ December
  • Jingle Bell Run 5K ~ December